Learn Crochet

Learning to crochet?

Check out our monthly Lismore Crochet Crafters Group (LCCG). All the info can be found on the SOCIAL GROUPS page.

A few useful guides to help you understand yarns, hooks, stitches and more…

Watch & Learn

Most people find that watching others is the most helpful way to learn. Like any new skill, some prefer to observe while others need a more hands on experience.

If you can not make it to a local crochet group, ask around to see if anyone you know can teach you.


Another way to learn by observing is to watch a video of someone crocheting while you replicate the same actions in front of the screen.

Here are a few links to online crochet videos that we think are great for learners:

CHAIN STITCH – Beginners – By Bella Coco https://youtu.be/acaq47Gwypg

DOUBLE CROCHET STITCH – Beginners – By Bella Coco https://youtu.be/GIO83ixyQ9o

CROCHET GRANNY SQUARE – Beginners – By Bella Coco https://youtu.be/npIsh-o9AM0

Helpful Guides

Crochet Patterns

Crochet patterns use abbreviations such as CH, DC, TR to guide you in making a completed item.

Some people find patterns difficult to follow and will opt to learn a new design by watching a video or learning from others.

Many patterns require more detail than can be remembered so they are written down for you to follow along.

Crochet patterns can be printed in books, on paper or available as a digital download online.

The largest crochet pattern marketplace full of both free & paid crochet patterns is www.ravelry.com

Registering to use the site is free, just create a username and password. This allows you to log in where you can select favourite patterns to go back to and keep track of the patterns you have downloaded.

Remember that the UK & Australia use (UK/AU) crochet terms, whereas the USA use terms with similar names, but different meanings.

For learners, it is best not to confuse the two. Once you have mastered UK/AU terms, you can then switch between the UK & USA terms easier.

How do you know which is which? UK/AU patterns will not contain the acronym ‘SC’. If you see this in a pattern, it must be an American pattern.

Check the recommended yarn weight, hook size and tension required for the pattern you want to use.

Some designs can still work with a different yarn/hook, whereas others will work with the specified size only.

Practice makes perfect, so get in and give it a go!