30 Acrylic Yarns Test

30 Acrylic Yarns Test

The Acrylic yarn test started as a small experiment out of curiosity and rapidly grew to include 30 different yarns!


The 9 page PDF document detailing every aspect of the testing process covers everything from smell and touch to colour fastness and pilling after 6 washes.

The results were split into three focus topics: Value, Feel and Flaws, Wash and Wear. Different yarns scored better in each of the three focus areas.

To download the PDF test results, click the image or link below:




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What happened to the finished test squares?

They were turned in 3 Winter scarves and donated to a local area nursing home.



This is an independent assessment of 30 different acrylic yarns that were available to purchase in September of 2017.

Each brand is being evaluated based on a single ball of yarn. While a brand should strive to ensure every ball is made equal, it is probable that there is some difference between yarn of the same brand from a different dye lot. You may have a different experience with the same yarns as each ball or colour lot can differ.

Every effort has been made to ensure this test remains unbiased and to ensure each part of the test is completed equally without any change in conditions.

The results should not be interpreted as definitive proof that one brand supersedes another. There are a lot of similarities between the brands and the differences are often very minor.

This was a fun experiment to see what differences there are in the current market for acrylic yarns. It in no way is intended to affect the reputation of any particular yarn. The public has every right to review the test results and draw their own conclusions about each yarn and which ones they choose to use.



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