Pattern Fairy?

Pattern Fairy?

Every month our social group Lismore Crochet Crafters Group (LCCG) enjoy a selection of free printed patterns.

Many of these make their way to the ‘files’ section of the local Northern Rivers Modern Crochet Enthusiasts facebook group. You can download them from here at any time.

Some are complete patterns to make a finished item and others are a how-to designed to teach a specific stitch method.

These patterns are specifically worded to help our learners follow along with much easier instructions than a typical crochet pattern.

Diagrams are also included to help our learning crocheters gain an understanding of how to read crochet stitch diagrams.

Printed copies of these patterns can be picked up at the next LCCG crafternoon on the first Sunday of Each month at Wyrallah Hall between 2-4pm.

You will also find many pattern books and magazines make their way to the Wyrallah hall each month too….

But where do they come from?


Patterns don’t just magically appear. They require a flick of a magic wand right? A crochet hook wand perhaps in this case!

Much like the tooth fairy, our pattern fairy is a Mum.

After spending almost 5yrs writing sewing patterns, our LCCG organiser Jess has turned to writing crochet patterns now.

In addition to writing free patterns for us all to enjoy at group together, Jess has now started to sell some of her PDF crochet pattern designs online. Check out

You can also find copies of these ROAR patterns designs at the LCCG crafternoons.

Need a hand with a pattern? Do bring it along to ask for help.

If you have published a pattern and are happy to share it with the group, we would love to see it! Be sure to bring along enough copies for everyone (usually 20+).

There are new stitches and patterns on offer every month. If you would like to learn something specific then let us know so we can all work on it together at an upcoming crafternoon!

The remainder of 2017 is packed with great projects to get into for the coming warmer weather!

2018 is being planned soon. Let us know what you would like to see included, so the pattern fairy has time to prepare it for you 🙂









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