Rag Rugs Craze

Rag Rugs Craze

Rag Rugs are one of the latest trends popping up in crochet groups Australia wide!

Not a new idea, but one that has swung back into trend of late, a rag rug is made by crocheting using fabric instead of yarn.

Recycle old bed sheets or buy a cheap doona cover to chop into long strips for rag rug making.

The thick nature of the resulting rug gives a more padded feel to the finished rug than yarn making it very durable and comfortable. Just throw it in the wash when it gets grubby!

If you would like a hands-on lesson on making rag rugs, head to the next LCC group crafternoon and ask Vanessa or Jess to show you how it’s done.

Rugs are not the only thing you can crochet with fabric strips. Rag baskets are a sturdy and durable way to store just about anything around the home.


If you don’t have any large pieces of fabric to use, you can buy ‘t-shirt’ yarn from Spotlight or Lincraft stores which is made from a slightly stretchy fabric and pre-cut into long strips ready to crochet!

A large hook is needed to crochet with fabric and we’ve found that the straight bamboo hooks 8-12mm wide are best for this task as the straight cut edge grips the fabric better than a smooth tipped hook does.

Decorate your home & recycle unwanted fabric into a functional rag rug you can use every day!



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